I was at GC the other day trying out some guitars, and I'm pretty set on getting an Ibanez whenever I get the money. So what's the best Ibanez for under $500?

Right now I've thought about getting a used Xiphos if I save up a bit more: http://guitars.musiciansfriend.com/product/Ibanez-XPT700-Electric-Guitar?sku=512557

and I've also thought about this RG: http://guitars.musiciansfriend.com/product/Ibanez-RG-Electric-Guitar?sku=481915

So, again, what would be the best Ibanez for under $500

EDIT: Floating trem doesn't matter, I can do with or without. I play mainly hard rock and metal (Metallica, A7X, Pantera, Trivium, STP, Tool...stuff around there.)
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The two guitars contain an Edge III tremolo. not the best but I would advise you look up some S series Ibanez. Or Jackson DK2.
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If you play things in different tunings don't get the ones with a trem on it. It'll just be a pain in the long run.

alternate tunings arnt a problem with the s series as the zr bridge has an easy adjustment thing on the back of the guitar, iv been down to drop c then back up the standard e without any problems.

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Definitely try to find a used MIJ guitar. A Prestige or a late 80s/early 90s model would be good.
ya if you want a floating bridge then the used ibanez RG5XX/7XX range is always worthy of looking at as well as the s series. if you aren't wanting a floating bridge then ibanez RGA42FM if it comes under your budget if not then the RGR421
Why are you ONLY going to get an Ibanez if you evidently haven't tried as many as possibly in your price range? That sounds very counter-productive and like you are just after the image.
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I own the RG4EXFM1 and have set it up so that the action is super low. You can definitely shred away on that guitar. It feels awesome in my hands and I would recommend it to anyone.
My favourite is the SA260 for that price; you get a different neck carve and a non-locking trem that might appeal. They cover a lot of ground.

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Thanks for the suggestions. I have a questions about the cheaper Ibanez models. Are the tremolos on them pretty much crap?
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Thanks for the suggestions. I have a questions about the cheaper Ibanez models. Are the tremolos on them pretty much crap?

No they are not, when set-up correct they´re pretty reliable and for 500 you´ll be able to get a nice Ibanez. Take your time and try a few till you find the right one.
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I'm selling a Xiphos if you want it

Pics? Price?
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I would say a SZ series, i love my SZ320. The neck is thicker than the Wizard neck and its just a joy to play. They dont make them anymore so you would have to get a used one, or get the new SZR models, that are pretty much the same, only have different pickups.
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I played that xyphos at daddies today, it was pretty good, the neck was great, upper fret access was amazing. The shape really puts me off though. (the color almost makes up for it )
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