Do You Have Any Idea?

With the dead leaves strewn along this dying path.
I'll take as the evidence. How we pollute each other with our own lives.
It's all ****ed up. And everyone is everyone else's bastard son.
Like the wreckage we're committed to conceiving in foreign waters:
Inside these storms of arrogance we create the anger of clashing tides.

Today, I realised what we are. In a flash of a minute, the split of a second.
A fraction of anger. A sub-division of boredom. Destination so surreal.
Each dead to the world like a cure for cancer.
Where's the bottom of this hole where we'll find our answers?
Logic evades us like the ability to take a **** with our mouths wide open.
Any fake laughter produced by that metaphor will find you out.
Between every passing car it's crystal to me.
It's clear what we travelled for wasn't worth it at all.
Every mile has been a mile too far from simply justifying what we are.
We're all *****s. We're all worthless. Devoid of meaning. So let it drop.
You're not special. You're not even close. Throw these words on the **** pile.
Because they don't even matter at all.

The slowing beat of our collective heart replicates false reaction.
Irritating catchphrases just help to set the mediocrity in.
And I don't give a **** when this cigarette kills me,
If I could even know at all. Will I ever know anything at all?
Do you know anything at all?
With clarity of vision and the exclamation to bold
I decline to ever give a **** about the morals you hold.
It all depends on the situation. This one is ****ed.

Here on earth for nineteen years and a decade too long
Crippled by the fears of adolescence.
Deafened by the constant bleating in ears.
Blinded by the ugliness inside of my dreams.
Blighted by the realisation. We're all concepts of other people's ideas.

Do you have any idea what we're all about?
Do you have any idea what they're all about?
Because I don't.
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wow man thats pretty good. it reminds me of the "grand illusion" by styx. Is that what it is? a preach. either way its good and honest.