I've been surfing the net for a cheap but reasonably good electic guitar and found a good deal that included a Harley Benton MS-11BK electric guitar. I haven't found any reviews on it. Does anyone know if its a good guitar or if I should keep looking?

it depends on what you are looking for, if your looking for a beginning guitar, which i am guessing you are, then this should be decent. As you get better and play other guitars you will understand what you are looking for and you can upgrade. I personally do not know if this is a good guitar but probably a good one to start on. I started on a guitar from the 50's that barely had any frets left so this should be fine haha.

If you can i would visit music stores and play some there just to get a feel for some even if they dont have this one.
From what I can see this company seems to specialise in starter packages comprising guitar, amp, gig bag, strap, cable , tuner and plectrums for about £76!

So if you are just starting off on a limited budget, then this will be better than nothing and will get you started. If you become serious however expect to want an upgrade in the near future.
Harley Benton is the house brand of Thomann.de and is a low profit brand. All I can tell you is its probably not the worst kit with amp, bag, cable etc for 89 euro.
But really, if you are serious about learning, a budget of 200 - 250 euro would be a better investment. Not least because, if you decide that guitar is not for you, you have saleable items to recoup some of your money. The other reason is that learning is more satisfying, and therefore easier, on a bit better kit.
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