Behold, Pit, for I have found the best website ever. This site will hook you up with a completely random stranger, and let you do whatever your twisted mind pleases with them. Here are some of my conversations. MAKE IT THUNDER, PIT!

Stranger: Hey babe
You: Hello darling.
Stranger: Love the blouse.
You: Almost as ravishing as your masculine pig tails.
Stranger: Sexy. Mmmhm.
Stranger: I know.
Stranger: Gtg. I'll see you under the covers<3

You: Wild Abra appeared!
Stranger: FFFFUUUUU--
You: Wild Abra used teleport!

Stranger: suck hard
You: Blow me.
Stranger: u a girl
You: Yes. With a big meaty penis.
Stranger: ummmmm. u didnt need 2 ad dat
You: Wanna see it? It's a little scarred right now, but nothing a little botox won't take care of.
Stranger: u got the place i got the time
You: Arizona Bay, 12:34 AM, September 9.
You: Be there.
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