I'm looking to buy a decent all valve/tube practice amp from the states for my friend, I'm in the UK and amps are ridiculously expensive here. Anyway, I'm off to NY in August and I've been asked to bring back a nice amp for my friend.

My first thought was that a transformer would be needed to use the amp in the UK, no biggie right? or will it affect the sound? That's my main concern, if it's all good then I'm pretty much sorted
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Shouldn't affect sound, they are more than meets the eye.....

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I think you'll need a step-down transformer to use it in the UK?
I believe you'll need one, Not entirely sure, best off waiting for some other boardies to come along.
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It depends on which amp you get. Some higher end amps have a voltage switch in the back so you don't need an outboard transformer, but with most amps you'll need to use a step-down transformer.
Make sure you get one that's rated higher than the INPUT wattage (usually listed on the back of the amp, it's much higher than what it says on the front of the amp). They're not too expensive, and they don't effect the sound much, just a little bit of white noise depending on how good the transformer is.