When I play my guitar the strings behind the nut sound, making a high pitched overtone that really annoys me, especially when damping the base strings. It goes away when I touch the strings behind the nut. Does anyone know any solution to this problem? I play a j45.
The strange thing is that I have another acoustic guitar and it happens with it as well. I guess a scarf could help, but maybe there is a better way?
No better way that I know of. You'll hear the ringing on any guitar that's resonant enough unless you mute the strings behind the nut with something like a scarf (or you can use your imagination and find other objects).
Yeah, its a problem with super resonant guitars, which I happen to be a huge fan of. If you need to mute it but don't like to have a huge scarf dangling from your headstock, you can do what I do and roll up a piece of paper or cloth and stick it under the strings near your headstock and it will do the same thing and be much less noticeable.

Either that or just leave it. It can be annoying, but truth is that you are most likely the only one who really notices it.
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I have the same problem on my Martin. I just stuffed a cheese cloth all the way around it and clipped it behind the headstock with a safety pin.
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