im having a problem with my wah pedal. im using a peavey vypyr, zakk wylde wah and a boss ds-2. my wah sounds fine when i hav the ds-2 turned off but as soon as i turn it on the wah sounds like **** and seems to hav no sweep.
Quote by fluffpuff999
connect your guitar to your wah, connect wah to disstortion, connect distortion to amp

thats is what im doing. the pedals sound fine seperate but when theyre both on the wah sounds bad
well, its supposed to be distorted, so it wont sound how it does normally. does it make a growling/screaming sound with distortion?
it doesnt sound just distorted.
it sounds really muddy and the wah changes the volume a lot. when i hav the amp on a distorted sound the wah sounds pretty gd but with the ds-2 it changes the sound so much.