I'm looking for a pair of monitors and an audio interface. I plan on using them for recording, playing live through virtual amps/softsynths (so the interface needs to have low latency), and listening to music. Right now my eye is on the KRK Rokit 5/6s and this: http://www.zzounds.com/item--MACONYXSAT
PCI, Firewire, and USB are all fine for the interface.

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I would deffinatly go for the KRK Rokit 5s, especially if you plan on mixing in a smaller room (larger/louder speakers will lead to more reflections, making an accurate mix difficult). As for your interface, I could used a little more information. How many tracks do you plan on recording simotaniously? Do you ever plan on using mics? What software do you want to use? ect...
I doubt I'd ever use more than one or two mics, and probably not more than one or two tracks simultaneously. I don't know much about what software I want to use at all yet, but I'll figure that out.

Also, what's your opinion on using the Rokit 5s or other monitors for just listening to music? I've heard opinions ranging from people saying they're incredible to that they're the equivalent of a $100 pair of computer speakers.
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**** you, i live in uruguay.
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the thing with listening to monitors is it doesn't sound quite as "exciting" as listening on a pair of good hi-fi speakers.
monitor's are made to reproduce audio as accurately as possible and hi-fi speakers, unashamedly so, aren't.
case in point, cryptopsy sounds good on my buds expensive hi-fi speakers, while it sounds like some of the worst production ever on my speakers, which says it all.
there are certain albums and tracks that IMO sound better on my speakers though, you can hear more of the detail, while on my buds set up, it sounds more "exciting" but you cant hear some of the finer details.
i am personally perfectly happy to listen to music on my speakers, because i like to be able to appreciate every last detail of an albums mix, but it truly depends on what YOU want when you listen to music.
I'm not planning on using Pro-Tools, so I've been looking at a Mackie Onyx Satellite. And Yamaha HS50Ms for the monitors. Opinions?

Another question: If I didn't get the Mackie, would something without a dedicated guitar input work just as well for virtual amp software? Most interfaces don't seem to have that.
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If there wasn't a dedicated instrument input you'd have to get a DI box from somewhere, but those can be found for cheap and made at home for even less.
Thanks, I'll take that into consideration.
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**** you, i live in uruguay.