Hello guys.So straight to the point.I want to make my guitar to sound like the guitars from Morbid Angel's song "Curse the Flesh" "Stricken Arise" and all other songs from the album "Heretic".I like that sound alot and please tell me what EQ and AMP will i be needing to create the stuff.I got Guitar Rig 3 on my computer
Trey usually likes the Marshall JCM900 run in stereo, and uses a phaser and a few choruses and delays. Sounds like he just turned the midrange OFF on his amp for Curse the Flesh, using quite a lot of bass and very little treble. Stricken arise sounds like maybe a bit more mids, but not much. I think your key here is a Marshalll JCM900 voicing with no boost, high bass and low midrange.
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