The sound coming from my guitar is kinda noisy but thats being a bit nitpicky. I noticed that when my instrument cable barely moves (like even being touched) my amp picks it up. I thought it was my cable so I bought a new one and it does the same thing. Like a sound I would expect it to make if my input jack was not fully soldered or loose or something. The only problem is that the treble knob on my clean channel is ultra sensitive and sometimes if its in a wrong position it cuts the volume in half or more. I dont know if its my input jack or my amp or possibly both. My guitar does seem to make alot of excess noise with my headphone amp also but maybe that is because it is a vox metal one haha. Where should I start without altering any of my electronics myself? Please no one say its because of my playing because I know it is not. Thanks for any help
unscrew the input jack on the guitar, take pics of the wires. post here.
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seems like the most likely thing is the little clip that makes contact with the cable inside might be loose. a simple matter of screwing open the jack connector and bending it inwards a little bit, then putting back together.

other thing could be a dirty pot. try cleaning it with some contact cleaner. i use Servisol Super 10. it's pretty cheap. open up the back plate and spray a bit of the cleaner with the nozzle it comes with into the little access notch you'll find on the back of the pot, then turn it about ten times fully both ways. let it dry out, and see if it's worked.

if that fails, it might be the solder or a dodgy component.

the noise could also be because of your electronics cavity not being shielded. to do that, you'll need to take all the bits out of it, lay down some copper tape or conductive paint, and solder a contact from that to the back of one of your pots.

hope that helps.
mine did this. the cable wasn't soldered so i would check all of that or maybe your amplifier has a short or something is all i can think of. or the guitar could also have a short.. that might make it cut out and in.
i kinda have the same problem with the opposite situation
were i insert the cable in my amp the connection is very slack compared to the other inputs
that's the way i got it never really took it on but it started to short whenever the fk i'm playing..advice us both