Problem: There is... a lot of feedback coming from the amp.

What Happened Before the Problem: I just had my output jack on my Strat re-soldered because the wires came off...

Ok if you didn't understand that format then here is another format... alright I just got my output jack on my Strat re-soldered because the wires had came off. When I got home I went straight to my amp and started to play. First test was a clean test (effects wise), and there was quite a bit of feedback that I was hearing... So I put the distortion on, and the distortion started to drown out some of the feedback. First I thought it might have been the cable, so I took a different cable and replaced the other one... but that didn't work. There is still quite a bit of feedback being heard from the amp. What I wanted to know is is there anything I can do to get rid of the extra feedback? I can remember before the output jack was disconnected (how it sounded) and it definitely did not have this much feedback.

Thank you UG Community for helping me with this.
Something I have noticed is that it seems that the feedback might be caused by the pickups... When I place the switch between the 5 different settings the higher the setting goes then the less feedback there is.
I've had this problem too, mainly because my wiring skills suck, but all you do is look at where the wires are soldered to the input jack and if the hot wire, the one with the plasticy insulation, is connected to the ground and the ground, non-insulated, is connected to the hot. If so just reverse them so it looks like this