I wanna download the cover that Grace Potter and Joe Satriani did of Cortez the Killer here:


This is crazy awesome. Any help would be much appreciated. I cant find it anywhere, legally or otherwise.
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or the media converter add on for firefox is pretty handy too
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Go to Download.com, download the Youtube Downloader. It's super awesome because it doubles as a converter for other stuff you download.
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Does Ripzor.com work anymore? I downloads it to an FLV, so you'll need VLC player or some player that plays FLVs, or just convert it to AVI.

actually you never made it clear if you wanted the video, or just the audio...
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http://keepvid.com is pretty good - you can download straight to mp4, which is handy if you have an iPod - and you can use Any Video Converter to convert it to anything else. These two really work well for me - and I've tried Videora converter, which didn't work well at all.