Been hearing rumors about these for some time, and since i cannot afford a American KV2, the japanese king V seems aWESOEME, IF that is it comes equipped like the RR5, string thru body, duncans, set neck, etc.

I know they release the KV5 Floyd, but is there plans for any more of these? Namm reports? Anything?

Thanks, and discuss.
I'v hear of Kv3s' and the new Finally a pro kv the kv5fr.

Do you know what seires it will be added to?
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Yes i have seen this, like i said. Unfortunatly the only one released right now is the floyd version, and i will never own a trem for as long as i live, even though i was raised on Van halen...Anyway.

I wonder if they will come out with a non floyd model? Its strange, because that model of the KV5 isnt as aestetically dolled up like the RR5 is. I personally would like to see a more affordable KV2T...Maybe a KV5T? Mmm....GAS.