Hey guys, I was thinking about getting my sister's boyfriend to add some celtic knot designs to my guitar. We were thinking about using stencils and an airbrush but will i have to strip the paint off of the area i want to put the designs?
Not necessarily, it can be done a number of ways, i believe on the last page of the Customization Gallery Thread a guy did this with the Zelda Symbol.

You can do it on top then clear over it or you could strip the clear coat (or entire finish) then do it and clear over it
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Probably best done with pinstriping enamels, as these are designed to go over finished paintwork.

House of Kolor, or if you must Oneshot enamels.

Will leave a raised finish.

If you don't want a raised finish. Wet sand the surface with P600 paper on a block, add your designs (won't have to be pinstriping enamel) then clear over the whole guitar.
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