has anyone gone there? i mean whats it like? can you try out the gear and stuff? i saw an add that said thy had a music shop inside best buys and its closer than guitar center so i thought i might give it a visit.
its a pretty neat little room in best buy with abunch of instrument stuff and they let me try stuff out so i would assume they would let you, its like a mini guitar center, the one by me had some really nice stuff in it
The only Best Buy near me sells the ****ty starter pack guitars and the huge-ass chord books.
From my experience, I probably wouldn't try it.
The one by me is wonderful. You can try anything and their prices are competetive with Guitar Center.
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They don't have them inside every Best Buy, so there may not be one at your local one. If you don't know, though, it doesn't hurt to check it out. Last time I went there, they were selling Fender Standard (not-American) Strats for $399 new.
is there a time limit for the room since some low end music stores time you
-_- and i hate being rushed
No time limit. Are we all thinking of the same thing? Yeah all best buys sell starter stuff. We are talking about a whole section set off from the normal store. They sell Gibsons, Fenders, Schecters, name brand amps and supplies, drums, keyboards...climate control acoustic rooms, large ampp rooms, you name it.
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wonderful, i tried a gibby explorer and they set me in a soundproof room with a marshall jcm
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It's really cool there, they let you try out nearly anything, but aside from the stuff in the demo room's, you have to ask. I love their demo room, but the Marshall JVM full-stack they had in there died on me, made me a sad panda. It sucks having to go from one o' dem to a friggin Crate.
for everyone saying there best buy only sells first acts etc:

there are only some stores that have the instrument section in it. the majority of best buys sell first act on the shelves. the stores that sell fenders, gibsons, etc have their own section dedicated to high quality instruments.
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the one near me has tons of gibsons, and fenders. they didnt seem to carry esp's and what not that i saw. i saw a few schecters, but i havnt been there in a couple of months so it could've changed. they had a lot of stuff, its like a guitar center chambered into a corner of best buy. with a acoustic room, drum room, sound proof room for guitars with stacks in em.