I really like the look of the Music Man Stingray bass...but I definitely dont have the cash to get a real one.

The question now becomes...is there a company that makes a Stingray copy for cheap (a la Squiers for Fender)? Its ok if they're not that great of an instrument...I'm actually not even a bassist I just need one so if I ever need to fill in on bass at church I dont hafta play with our regular guy's bass (which is this custom bass he made himself and doesnt really like anyone else touching).

Thanks in advance folks
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Sterling by Musicman, OLP, Vintage, Samick, Encore, there are many. I highy recommend you check out the Sterling by Musicman line of basses. They seem to pretty damn nice. But they are a bit pricey for copies, but are much less than an actual Musicman.
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The best copies I've played have been by Vintage. That being said I haven't played a Sterling by Musicman yet but i'd assume they are a huge step up in quality from the vintage what with the huge step up in price
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