I've just made a great deal !

I had a Vox VT15 and a Seagull Acoustic that I didn't really like. It was ok but I was not having fun with them.

So I traded them in and got myself a Vox AC4TV for 50 $

I play from Blues to Punk-rock. The amp breaks up enought that I don't need any effects at all.

The sad part, I picked it up just before heading to work and I can't play with it until tomorrow !

I'll post pics tomorrow !

Pics tomorrow prz!
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Until I see pics,I'm assuming it's either an MG Brootalz edition or a million watt line 6.
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million watt line 6, haha that' s a gud one!
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And you're right

Gibson>Moog>KJL>Homebrew 2x12

Saving 4 any one of these:
Soldano Hot Rod
Splawn (anything)
Laney GH50L
Cornford Roadhouse
Marshall JCM2000
KJL 4x12 to match KJL head

You posted in GG&A already
My Gig Rig...

Fender Straocaster or Gibson Les Paul Slash Special -->Lovepedal Amp 50 --> Boss DD-3 --> Crybaby(soon to be Wh10 reissue) --> Big Muff PI --> Boss DS-2 --> Marshall JCM 900
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