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Red Avenue
0 0%
The Lexica
3 25%
1 8%
We Were Monsters
4 33%
Killing Forever
0 0%
The Aether
1 8%
3 25%
Voters: 12.
Well, My old band broke up, Now i am starting a new Indie band. We plan to sound like a reverbed up dcfc basically. I ve already got a drummer and a lead guitarist, and ill play bass until we can find a bassist or a better singer than me. We are trying to narrow down names and this is what we have got. Thanks for the help.
coming up with a band name is always hard as hell. no offense, but most of those sound like cliche pop-punk bands. the only one i kinda liked was "we were monsters"
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dcfc is death cab for cutie,

in detail, we are trying to do Alternative rock, but with like pop undertones, really personal lyrics, and catchy songs. Also we use lots of reverb and phasers etc. and an electric drum set instead of acoustic.

Basically we want to be like Grizzly bear or Mars Volta , but with the catchyness and singablilty of Dears and the headlights or Death Cab

Just to clear that up,