Just wondering.

Need a few pedals, but I have this already, and not a whole lot of cash.

Is it usable at all as a general rock/blues overdrive? Using a Traynor YCV50-Custom Blue and a Fender Strat with DiMarzio pups.

Any answers would be appreciated.

Just to make sure your not talking about the DS-1....
You mean the "YELLOW" SD-1 Super Overdrive pedal, correct?
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yup, its called the Super OverDrive for a reason. it is a fine overdrive, and if you already have one then it should work fine as your overdrive. most people use overdrives with the level control turned up and the drive control turned down with tube amps. gonna push the tubes a bit harder to get a bit more crunch/grit and volume.
mine was ok. but then i modded it, and now its fantastic.
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BOSS pedals are pretty good if you mod them. Other than that, they're just ok..... you get what you pay for.

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Could I get it modded somehow by a shop? Or would I have to buy a mod?

And to clarify, it is the SD-1, the Super Overdrive, the yellow one.

I also have the DS-1 but might try and get rid of it.
You can mod it yourself or get someone to mod it. The circuit is similar to that of a TS with asymmetrical clipping I think. I'll go check in a bit. Try Monte Allums mods if you want to do it yourself with a kit. Otherwise, I know AnalogMan and Keeley do mods but I haven't played either one.
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I have an analog man mod on my sd-1.


Do it, now.
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a whole bunch of metal musicians use boss sd1 to boost their amps (pepper keenan of down for example)

they use it with marshall jcm 's though so they arent maxing the thing out
get your DS-1 modded too! so much wasted potential in its stock form
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I've got a Keeley SD-1..........great pedal!!
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SD-1's are OK stock, but you have to time the treble a bit. I hated it with every amp I've used it with, until my new Bassman, which it sounds great with... Not sure why.
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why dont you just try it ?

I have before, and it was okay, but I really didn't know much, and then everyone just saying BOSS makes subpar pedals... I dunno.

I guess I could try it. I'm lacking in the cord department right now, but I'll see if I can find any.