Hey pit. So I'm starting to book shows for my local music scene. And got some tour package offers. And all of them say something like $325 + food & 50% backend. Now what does the backend part mean?
They will pull out half way through the show... Good thing its not 100% backend.

Serious answer- I have no idea.
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I am almost positive it is 50 percent of whatever you make via ticket sales and such. Its a bitch.
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I could be wrong here, but I believe that 50% backend means that you will be receiving 50% of what the venue makes at the door at the end of the night.
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From Wikipedia:

In television and movie production, the "back-end" can refer to an agreement by which a performer or producer is paid (at least in part) based on profit sharing instead of upfront payments. These profits are usually realized well after the main part of the production has ended.

So you'll get $50 of the Venue's income after the show. The $350 is like an upfront agreement.
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