Hi there all UG transcribers!

Yesterday I rediscovered this old blog of mine, and I realized I might have to differentiate the theme a bit.

The headline asked the question: Can you "steal" someone else’s tab?
The answer back then was: No, tabs cannot be stolen. Tabs are pieces of free knowledge, and these should be shared altruistically with the entire internet-connected world. If anyone regarded your tab as something worth "stealing", you should just be proud of that and appreciate your work being shared.

Today, honestly, I think this sounds naively self-effacing. As since knowledge always has a subjective source, knowledge is never objective. Thus, the source is always relevant. You must always ask the question: “But who wrote that thing?” So never forget: There is always a source.

Therefore, today my answer to the question is: Of course you can "steal" someone else’s tab! If you use someone else’s work and sign it with your own (profile)name, you’re unmorally alleging your "new" ownership of the work. And Ladies and gentlemen, that is stealing!

Crediting the source:
But hold on to the concept of sharing free knowledge, because this is basically what tab sites like this is all about. (And this is why the publishers have massively sued the entire tab community. In this case, my sympathy lies with the tab sites.)
So if someone made a great tab, and it is unfortunately only available at one of the many tab sites, I see no problem in anyone submitting it the other places – IF that anyone remembers to credit the original source. That is proper sharing. ("Here is a piece of candy. It is not me who brought it, but that person over there.") In my tabs I always write a signature line in the very bottom, so if anyone would like to copy my tab, just let that signature line be.

A problem arises here though: If a tab is submitted on another site by someone else, it is out of the source’s reach, and if the source updates the tab on the original site, it won’t be updated on the other sites. Hence the source is credited for something, which is now wrong and should have been corrected. I don’t know how to solve this.

Rating a "stolen" tab:
The initial thought for discussion actually emerged from this dilemma:
A person had stolen someone else’s tab (that is to say: Submitting without crediting the source). Although the tab was perfect, a third person rated it 1 star (lowest rating) and arguing that is was stolen goods.
There can be many other views on how to solve this, and I am only trying to present a solution I think is rational:
True, the tab was stolen goods. But does that make it a lousy tab? I think not. The rating systems of these tab sites are designed to deal with the quality of the tab. Whether it is stolen goods or not is the job of the [report]-button. So I think this guy should have rated it 5 stars and reported the tab for being "uncredited goods".

I hope this little philosophizing blog has been informative to you! Remember that these are only my opinions and approaches, and there are of course many others.

Best regards,
Jon Sebastian Frederiksen
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People = Greedy bastards who want glory for themselves

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answer = no!
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It isn't stealing if you acknowledge that it isn't yours; it isn't really fair to people to who put their time into a work of art and then having people claim their art as their own.


And if the tab is copywrited, then by law, it is stealing.
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But I said it first...

if only people would think this way about music in general...the world would be a much better place without greed...

I may be a dreamer, But i'm not the only one...
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TS, I keep picturing you as Mohinder from Heroes.

But you're right, it shouldn't matter who posted it. A good tab is a good tab and means another song we can all learn. But people are glory hunting douches. And I guess on UG, people MIGHT get annoyed about their contributions rank or something.
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But I said it first...


oh **** lol i didn't notice there were two posts, I scrolled up and saw it so i clicked quote, sorry man, otherwise I would have quoted you frands?
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oh **** lol i didn't notice there were two posts, I scrolled up and saw it so i clicked quote, sorry man, otherwise I would have quoted you frands?

'tis fine. My post was crushed under the wall-o-text.