ruff recording called to you....please let me know what you think....song is on profile called to you
Its good, just the recording isent the greatest, as you pointed out,the voice sounds like your in a hallway. But the guitar sounds good, I would try those same notes with sustain chords just to see if you could add some more to it, or layer those sustain chords under what your already playing, then I think it would be a great song to listen to.
cool song man. this is my kinda music. i was thinking there was no vocals, and then they came in just before the min mark. i say start singing sooner. the vocals were okay. not bad at all but i dident care for them. the tone semmed kinda shaky at times. the lyrics were okay too. decent song man. good guitar playing. overall this doesent realy do it for me though. the guitar playing is great, but im not a fan of the vocals or lyrics. they could be better. cool idea though. keep it up man. i wouldent be afaid to play that live though, its cool. i love the guitar.

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Yes the recording is quite rough... prob better than what i could do anyway!
The vocal melody is very cool, lots of bits to hum to.
The song perhaps would benefit from more instruments... perhaps a light drum backbeat.
Guitar playing is great here, and maybe more layers would pad the background out a bit more (if you know what i mean)

Keep it up!