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Money and anonynmity please! I'm not egotistical...
6 29%
I'd rather be actually known for what I do by the people I do it for.
15 71%
Voters: 21.
So Pit if you had to chose: would you rather be in an ultra-famous, stadium packing good band, of wich you're the "other one" or "one of the other two" (that is: a member of the band who most people know nothing about or give a **** about)


Would you rather be in a great band wich is sort of well known in your own country and maybe a couple of other places, but of wich you'd be an important part of the band, get credit for your input and have people occasionally stop you in the street and tell you they think you're great?

What would you go for: being madly rich and unappreciated or being loved as a musician but not ever playing to thousands in a far off land?
Surely word of mouth would mean you'd get people finding out about your band abroad anyway?
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I don't really need to be famous in Japan or China, I'll settle for being big in America

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I think you'll have people who come on and go "id rather be huge in my own country" and just dont want to say theyd rather have the mega-bucks.

At the end of the day, everyone kinda wants to be as rich and succesful as they can, so we'd all want to be the stadium-playing nobody, but would rather be the loved, small-scale musician that every-one knows. Who knows anyway, you could be playing your own countries stadiums one day anyway

Thats just my view anyway
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I would choose to be as much towards the second option as possible while still being financially secure.
Being told you are great doesn't pay the bills.
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