Search bared, and only one thread came up that hasn't been posted in since 2007.

So Placebo, best album or song? Anyone going to see them or already seen them live?

General Discussion on the band I guess.

Anyone found many tabs for then new album? I know UG has got quite a few but I've searched the internet for ages and can't find a single one for Julien.

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Fave album: Black Market Music
Fave song: Pure Morning

I've seen a couple of times, met them too. They signed my copy of "Once More With Feeling"
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Placebo, one of my favourite bands and a huge, huge influence on me musically. More vocally than guitar, but still.

Favourite song: Summer's Gone. I've listened to this song so many times.
I won't lie, I really am a terrible guitarist. I'm learning though, so I would appreciate a bit of patience if I ask stupid questions or make incorrect statements.

Please and thank you.
Love em'. Favorite song is a toss up between: "Sleeping With Ghosts", "Meds" and "Every You, Every Me."

Brian used to live 5 minutes away from me. Think his mum still does.
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Best album: Meds. by far. Very depressing, but literally everything on it is beautiful.

Best song: Post Blue.

Saw them live a few weeks back too. Awesome show, but they had like 3 other people on stage playing guitar/bass/keys, and they didn't thank them or anything. They didn't even really acknowlage (sp?) their existence. I thought that was a bit weird.
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Fave album i think is : Sleeping with ghosts but i so damn love their newest - Battle for the Sun, something unusual but just loove it. (mm)
Fave song(-s): amm, Come Undone , Black Eyed and everything else.

amm, I have seen them just once but it was amazing. how they played Special Needs, ohmygosh, it was sooo..(mm)
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Once more with feeling is my favourite of their albums and pure morning is the best track
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