does "twang" come from the amp, pickups or a combination of both? Or can it be acheived through anything with the right EQing? I've played a tele and a strat through the same amps and with the same settings i noticed there was a little bit a country sound coming from the tele, so i assume its the pickups but the amp may have contributed and i didn't notice with the strat
It's a combination of both. But there is different kinds of twang. Tele's and strats twang differently. Pick up placement also contributes. Position 2 and 4 on a strat for example.
I wondered why the frisbee was getting bigger, then it hit me.
It is much more dominant on guitars without string through body and with bolt-on necks more than pickups or amps.
k, I was kinda thinking about taking a strat with an amp that has relatively decent cleans and putting a tele like pup in one position and trying to acheive a kinda country sound.

oh, then I'm in the clear, i was worried about not being able to get it with a strat since I'm not a fan of teles other than that sound i get from them. mmm cant wait till i get my new rig....
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Strats do country well enough on their own.

So do tele's, so do les pauls.
I wondered why the frisbee was getting bigger, then it hit me.
i noticed a big difference through a blues junior, strat was a little more attacky and the tele was much more subtle and had much more of a twangy sound to it
i'm assuming you are talking about country twangy, as opposed to just trebley.

If that's the case, i believe it comes mostly from guitars. Strats and Teles can get that twangy country sound much better than Schecter hellraisers can.
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Might help blocking the bridge on the Strat or get a hard-tail, string through Strat.
The longer scale length of Teles and Strats opposed to Les Pauls and some others greatly contributes.