Just finished it like 5 minutes ago, Mp3 on my UG profile. take a listen, give some feedback, i really dont care what you say as long as its your opinion
thanks, and if you want ill crit your stuff
Holy **** I was surprised I liked it. Not really digging the vocals during parts of the verse but everything else was excellent! Absolutely love the chorus!
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Great song! I love the guitar part at the beginning, really cool. The chorus was fantastic great lyrics to it and it sounded lovely, really catchy. As for the verses the first verse sounded all right, and the lyrics were pretty cool, but I wasn't a big fan of what you did with the second verse. The backing vocals just sounded out of place to me. I loved the outro, really mellow sounding, something I could gently drift off to sleep to.
This was really good, man. You're extremely talented. I was blown away with the opening guitar parts. As far as the lyrics go, I thought the first verse and chorus were very well-written but I felt the second verses lacked a little.

However, I was actually a fan of the backing vocals in the second verse. It was a nice change of pace. That being said, I think you should put another verse before that that follows the vocal melody of the first verse. That's just my opinion though.

Great song and great outro too.
I liked it. The chorus was done very well. The lyrics suited it and I liked your guitar work. The verses were ok though, something about them just didnt seem right.
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I really like the chorus. It's excellent.

It has a definite spacey feel, if that makes sense... seems like something AvA would do.
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That was an awesome song, man. I really dug it. Personally I liked the vocals during the verse. After the first few lines though they sounded a bit weird. Perhaps just too loud/high in the mix. Well I really enjoyed it man, very nice/relaxing.
I really liked it, it sounded familiar. But I could tell you were forcing the singing to much. I think you would do well with a vocal approach like Death Cab for Cutie or Beck. Even better, the Offspring. In parts of the chorus you sounded like the singer from the Offspring. Just find what works man, and thanks for the crit.
Hey! Thanks for commenting on my song.
I want to crit 'Distance' specifically. I'm going to label them out as bullets because I that's just how I do things. As a disclaimer I'm going to be honest, so please take no offence.

1. Vocals - Alright, so your voice isn't flawless. I'm typically not a fan of punk-ish style of singing (I can't stand Tom Delonge's voice (sorry)) However, your chorus shines best. Some of your vocals do some scooping which sounds more unlistenable than your singing, so if you work that out, your vocals will sound more streamlined.

2. Lyrics - Nothing spectacular here, but I don't think you were writing to impress, unless you were..then I recommend you delve into such things as metaphor and cutting the emotional cheese. Your chorus shines the most, like I said. You really seem to drive it, but you never seem to take it home. Also, I recommend you come quicker on that second verse and not letting that verse loop more than once without you singing.

3. Music - The guitar gets cool, but the melody gets a bit old and repetitive. You should probably write some more melody in between to break up some of that monotony. The Outro though was really cool. I really dug the melodiousness of it and the fading sound you put into it. It's my favorite part, musically.

Hope that helps
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As I listen:

Wow, the intros amazing.
Not exactly loving the start of the vocals, but they're okay.
Chorus sounds good so far.
Scratch that, chorus sounds great.
Loving the instruments.
Interesting use of dual vocals; pretty good.
Chorus leads from the second verse a little akwardly; it still sounds okay, but you might want to work on it.
Liking the bridge so far.
The vocals in the bridge are pretty good.
Oh, it was the outro; you could probably use that as a bridge and bring in a third chorus; try it and see how it works.

Overall, I thought it was really good.
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Nice work, good sound quality especially with a web cam for a mic.

Yea i have to do a hell of a lot of editing just for it to sound decent on the recording, i guess i should just go out and buy an sm58 or something ha
Sorry i wasn't able to get to this sooner. I was out of town with no computer acess. I really liked this. A great opening guitar part and the lyrics were really good. I don't know what else to say other than great job! Many thanks for the crit on my piece!
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Just finished it like 5 minutes ago, Mp3 on my UG profile. take a listen, give some feedback, i really dont care what you say as long as its your opinion
thanks, and if you want ill crit your stuff

Love it! I like all your Ape Natural songs, my band added you guys on MySpace.
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Love it! I like all your Ape Natural songs, my band added you guys on MySpace.

ah well thank you for both, and in case you ever wonder late, some of the songs i write we end up using as the band