This is some really promising old school sounding death metal. I give you guys Hetzer. Just stumbled across them on a death metal blog and their album The Rise of Abaddon is kicking my ass right now. Enjoy!


I can't find any youtube vids they have plenty of songs on their myspace though, do yourselves a favor and check it out.
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Sounds like Panzer Division Marduk mixed with Exterminate. Not bad!
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I want to try that while playing the opening riff to "Tempting Time".

0-0-0-13-0-0-0-0-13 or something like that alalalala but It;s so heavy and off time and awesome and you could not f**k anyone to it.

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i like.

its like "blackened brutal-death metal".

i dont like the vocals though, i think the way they are mixed ruins them.
they sound like some teenager has recorded them over the music in his bedroom, like theyve just been placed over the music, rather than working within it.
if that makes sense

but still, i like it.

edit: for the most part, i take that back about the vocals. it only seems the case on one or two of the tracks
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