Hey guys our band's name is Clearwater and we have 2 new songs on our myspace page that we have wrote and are expecting lots more. We are a small band from Tennessee and we hope to start playing around more. We are pretty decent for our age and we have some really good lyrics... The song we just put on is basically acoustic.

The URL is www.myspace.com/clearwaterczt

We are saving to buy some better recording gear that's better than the Rockband USB mic that we are using now lol. So check us out and leave us a replies on what you think and you can also send us a request!
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It was incredibly generic. (Don't confuse with bad, just nothing new) Lyrics were pretty cheesy and the vocals were awful.

I feel like it needed that Pixies style loud chorus. In fact, thinking about it, there wasn't a chorus at all, just repeated lines. I think if you worked on it. Gave it that catchy chorus and improve on the vocal/lyrical front, i think it could turn out well. It's a diamond in the rough.
Hey Guys, we just uploaded a new song that's hopefully better than the ones we have previously recorded. CHECK THEM OUT!!!
i think if you had the vocals of your second song on your first it would have been really good. The second song wasn't my favorite but maybe its just not really my style.