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I'm sure most of you have had at least one dream about musicians/bands you like. Post 'em!

Last week, I dreamt that I was buddies with Jack White in uni (he was an exchange student from the US for some weird reason and he had just finished with the Conquest EP). But yeah, he was playing in a White Stripes COVER BAND at my old high school (again, for some weird reason), except without Meg, and with three other people playing rhythm, bass and drums.

Anyways, we got talking, and we agreed to start a really raw garage rock band together. Irony, much? And I gave him the nickname of "Legs" because he had really long legs (again, for some weird reason) and I couldn't be bothered calling him Jack White all the time.

And then for some weird reason I was suddenly eating ramen. It was tasty, as well.

It would have continued, but my girlfriend called me and woke me up. I proceeded to lay into her, but then I looked at the time and it was 11.30.

Also, I dreamt I had Steve Vai's mobile number once. Come to think of it, I had the same one a while back, except it was God's mobile instead of Steve's.

["For some weird reason" count = x4]
the other night i dreamed kim gordan and frank black went to high school with me and we were watching movies together and playing dodgeball. kim gordan sat in front of me so i couldnt see the movie. we also rocked out together

then i went outside to pick weeds and contemplating if this was a dream or not and almost jumped into the road but i decided that you should never jump into the road with cars driving
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I dreamed i met Jim Morrison in a desert.
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The jonas brothers dying...don't know if they count as MUSICIANS...but it was a good dream...
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I dreamed i met Jim Morrison in a desert.

i had a dream that a weird naked indian took me to jim morrison.

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I once dreamt I had meat Lars Ulrich in 1980, and together, with Ron Mcgoveny and Lloyd Grant, we started the original Metallica (I was lead vocals/co-lead guitar). I was in the band until ...Justice (Dave was in the band, and went to AA regularly, and Cliff was still alive) when James Hetfield walks up to me and says he'll take over for me in the band, seeing as I'm about to wake up.

I don't dream often, but when I do, it's really vivid.
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i had a dream that a weird naked indian took me to jim morrison.

Yeah I had the same one. He told me to put on a concert, and not to worry about signing any of the bands, because they would come.
Quote by iceh88
i had a dream that a weird naked indian took me to jim morrison.

I had that same dream, except Jim Morrison was having a conversation with Sammy Davis Jr. when I got there.
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i had a dream that a weird naked indian took me to jim morrison.

Someone watched Waynes World 2 recently.
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I dreamed about something that seemed like a short video about animals trying to hold hands with animals. I sung the theme song.
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i once had a dream that i was with dave mustaine and order pizza for him. When i opened it there was a cockroach in there and. Wierd thing was when i woke up it scarred the **** out of me
I had a dream that I was in dream theater.
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I once dreamt I had meat Lars Ulrich in 1980, and together, with Ron Mcgoveny and Lloyd Grant, we started the original Metallica (I was lead vocals/co-lead guitar). I was in the band until ...Justice (Dave was in the band, and went to AA regularly, and Cliff was still alive) when James Hetfield walks up to me and says he'll take over for me in the band, seeing as I'm about to wake up.

I don't dream often, but when I do, it's really vivid.

That's so badass dude.
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I had a dream that me and Claudio Sanchez had an epic lightsaber fight, only his lightsaber handle was actually a Minarik Medusa and he somehow shred to Welcome Home with his red light blade/fretboard/neck w/e. I won .

My lightsaber was purple, bi0tch.
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I usually have musician dreams.

I once dreamt I was Joe jonas starring in a musical action film were I/he used an SG as a lightsaber. I/He got through this point where I/he ran through a bunch of swinging axes and then we were all "THANK GOD IM JAPANESE". It also turns out nick is gay for him in my dream.

then I dreamy Kirk Hammet and I swtiched bodies.
i banged haley williams
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The jonas brothers dying...don't know if they count as MUSICIANS...but it was a good dream...

You're so cool! Can i please be your friend now. Because you don't like the Jonas Brothers. And they suck. Making you awesome!
I know i made a thread in which i mentioned i had a dream about meeting robert johnson in some room in rural missispipsissipsipsspsipsissspispspsi and it was a scary dream. Can't remember what he was playing or singing though.

I also had an awesome dream that i was on stage with john lee hooker and the rolling stones and playing alongside
To be honest, I don't have too many dreams with a famous musician as a main character. I did have a dream where me and this awesome band I had (which I don't have in real life) played at Radiohead and My Bloody Valentine's induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

I think I had a dream where Dave Grohl said "Feels good man."

Also, and this was very distinct and strange, I talked with John Peel in a record store about how commercial radio stations are terrible or something along the lines. Then I was on stage at some festival ripping it up.
I dreamt of murdering the Jonas Brothers

Should I get my head checked after that one?
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I also dreamed I banged Haley Williams. But Amy Lee was there too.
It was the best dream I ever had. Ever.
Once I dreamed that Steven Tyler was making me breakfast
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A few years ago I had a dream in which I was the bass player for Metallica in place of Rob. We were touring in Hawaii, and for some reason hanging out on a whiteboard which was rolling down a sandy slope. The whole band was literally standing on the wheels of the whiteboard and holding onto the board as it rolled down this hill.

That was a good dream...
i dreamed that Tony Iommi was my grandfather haha. i went on stage in an arena to play a show with what i assumed was Black Sabbath. when i saw that the rest of the band were just random people, my guitar strings broke and i walked off stage to get another guitar. then i blinked and my house was in the middle of the arena.

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what did ruth do in the dream>?

She was playing the piano with glass tubes coming from her fingers. Then she organized intense precision with small objects as they formed geometric patterns. Very entertaining dream. That's all I remember of her being in it.
I dreamed Coheed and Cambria covered Lateralus by Tool.

I've also had two Jimmy Page dreams. One in which he was giving me tight-rope walking lessons, and the other he was dieing in an empty sports stadium restroom.

Edit: I also dreamed that me and Fergie co-wrote Clumsy, fell in love and then wrote a bunch of songs together. There was also something about pop-tarts.....
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I had a dream that At The Drive-In was reuniting and Jim Ward refused to rejoin so they asked me to take his spot. It was pretty sweet.
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I had a dream I had a meeting/lesson with Joe Satriani, and after spending forever walking through the labyrintine, Harry Pottery University where he worked, I found his office which had lots of birdcages in it, and I soon found was actually on a street corner.

We sat on beanbags and just watched people walk.
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i banged haley williams

I've had a few of those. I love those dreams.

I've had some where I jammed with some famous guys. Like one where I played with Holdsworth and another where Joe Satriani was playing and some robots were listening.
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I had a dream where I was just chillin' out with Kris Kristofferson. Just hanging out, whatever.
I had a dream where Matt Bellamy french kissed me.

I **** you not.
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Dream 1 - Met Joe Satriani in a BMW Convertable
Dream 2 - Saw John Bonham
Dream 3 - Met John Deacon, Brian May and Roger Taylor and got their autographs
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I always seem to have this one where, I'll be at a whatever band I'm currently into at the moment's show, and their guitarist/singer person either a. hurts themself and can't play their guit and picks me to fill in the rest of the show or b. picks a member of the audience (me, always) and has me play the rest of the show. It's usually pretty intense.
I finally got to my first Muse gig. It was so loud, and so epic seeing the guys play in real life. However, they were playing the penultimate song - Map of the Problematique - before ending with Stockholm Syndrome.

MotP ended, and he blazed into the RATM Maggie's Farm riff, as he does live... and he headbanged around the stage, as he does.

But then, he tripped, and he fell. He was wearing his guitar, of course, and it crushed his picking hand when he fell on it.

His hand looked properly f*cked up... he got up again, and held his wrist with his good hand, wincing in pain, and the hand he fell on looked really bent and bruised, as the guitar had crushed it when Matt fell on it.

He went up to the mike, still holding his bent hand, and said "f*ck... man, we had ONE last song on the set list. We were meant to play Stockholm Syndrome. Sorry guys."

And I heard this, and yelled "MATTEH!" and waved my hands. I got his attention! He managed to climb off the stage, and he came towards me. He went "Yeah?" and I said "You can still sing, right?" and he said "Yeah, of course" "Well, I can play Stockholm Syndrome... on guitar, that is"

And a huge smile came to his face

He said something to a security guard, and the guard let me through the barricade, and I walked onto the stage with Matt. He said into the mike "We have a replacement guitarist!" and the crowd went wild, while I stood there looking sheepish. "Be right back."

We went backstage. He needed some ice for his hand. When he got it, he came to me with the Manson Delorean, which he had been using as his Drop D guitar that night. "It's in Drop D, you've got everything you need. Chances are, you don't know your way around my pedalboard, so I'll work the pedals for you. They're under the mic, anyway" "Okay, awesome, man.". With that, I strap the aluminium coloured beauty over my shoulders, and walk out with Matt back to the stage. The crowd went wild.

"And we have been Muse... we leave you with one last song. Thank you to all of you for coming, and to our unexpected backup guitarist here, for what I hope will be a good performance...! Thanks again, hope you had a good night... now this is STOCKHOLM SYNDROME!!!"

The crowd goes nuts. I initiate by playing the hard tapping in the HAARP Stockholm Syndrome video, before the actual riff... I hear Matt go "woah"

Then, I kick in with the actual riff, and the whole song goes brilliantly. Matt sings better than he ever had before - probably because he didn't have a guitar to worry about at the same time - and he pumps the pedals, and I'm just on fire.

The song ends, and, right away, I come in with blazing powerchords and harmonics - I look at Dom and Chris as if to hint as to what I'm doing. It was the after-song riffs from HAARP, and, thankfully, they take the hint and play along. The crowd went electric after it all ended.

Then I woke up

I can't really remember what was going on in the dream, but I had it about maybe 6 months to a year ago, so .

Anyway, my friend who had just started learning guitar took me to Jimi Hendrix's house. We walked in without knocking and saw Jimi sitting at his table in the middle of some average two-story house. He tells us to wait a second, and walks upstairs. My friend follows him and five minutes later I hear footsteps coming down the stairs.

I was sitting on the floor, leaning against the table, so I got up to see Jimi, but instead it was a black Keith Richards.

I'm not a big fan of the Stones or Hendrix, so I'm not sure what it was supposed to mean.
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