I did a search for "moon conspiracy" and only one thread from 2006 came up, so I figured that I would create a thread on the alleged moon conspiracies.

I personally think that the conspiracies are a bunch of bull sh*t. What say you, Pit?
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I'm not bothered by it at all. Moon travel has still been proven possible numerous times.
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even though i know its possible i always wonder how the flag was blowin
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^ It wasn't blowing, **** doesn't stand perfectly still in space.
The slightest force would cause it to move endlessly.
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your sarcasam amuses me


And I trust the pit as a reliable source of information.
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What??!?!?! Is someone conspiring to kill the moon??????!!!!

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Only two options are available:

1. We went to the moon at the original 1969 date. Good job us.

2. We didn't go to the moon at said date but scared the crap out of the Russians and fooled the whole world into believing we did it. Good job us.
The flag was "blowing" because of the lack of gravity on the moon to hold the flag down, and the presence of solar winds. Which infact were proven to exist by that first mission.
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