So I just made a very good purchase today with a Vox Valvetronix VT30. Got the thing home, ate and then I opened it up. Darn thing had no power cable. Now the manual says that a power cable is included, so this has to be one bad fudge up on the manufacturer's end. Regardless, I already knew that these power cables are the epitome of "universal", so I've been scouring my apartment for one that I can use. I found one, but it is 125 volts. The plugin on the back of the amp says "120 volt". Correct me if im wrong, but wont the use of a higher-than-recommended voltage eventually damage the amp? Especially since it has a tube?
No, voltage in your home varies from (I believe) 100-130v or something like that. It shouldn't do anything.
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K, that's good to know. I only started playing a little over 2 years ago, so it's important to get these silly little questions outta the way. Gotta know my stuff!
I had the same problem with my B-52 AT-100.

I called the their support line and they said ANY power cable will work.

And mine was from my computer.
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