wish you were here by pink floyd its easy though you might have to replace some of the bends with slides depending on the thickness of your strings
all the same by the sick puppies has a simple solo
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Check out some MTV Unplugged albums, specially in the Alanis Morisette, there are some great easy solos, melodical and beatiful.
I'm working on the Sublime's what i got solo. It isn't too hard, but I need to make it sound right. From newbie to newbie: pick that one
the 1st solo i learned on an acoustic was californication by the chili peppers. also check out nutshell by alice in chains (unplugged).
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Just like heaven - The Cure. Really easy and very beautyfull solo.
First solo I learned was also Californication by the Chili Peppers but there are plenty out there. All of the ones mentioned above are really good ones.