I'm in the market for a new bass and I am awfully sick of my epiphone SG. I like the look of the Fender basses mostly because I have learned to hate Gibson and Epiphone. Can anyone tell me what kind of music the P-bass plays? And how it would sound with my Behringer (please don't flame me) amp. Can I EQ it for different styles? Can it go high? How does it slap? What strings sound good on it for rock type music (more classical then new.)

Sorry for the wall of text/questions. Any help is much appreciated.

P.S. I've been playing for 4+ years and consider myself a pretty good bassist. I'm not sure how good I am if I was being judged by someone but I've been taking lessons for 4 years and know all my theory from these lessons too. I also play piano so I have a vivid backround to theory if that helps at all.
P-Bass is a good all-rounder, and they're built pretty solidly. Unfortunatley, I couldn't say what it would sound like with a berhinger (i've never owned one), but as with all amps, you can EQ it to the style you're playing. I don't get what you mean by 'Can it go high?' but it has 20 frets, so you've got a pretty decent range to be honest. You can slap on a P bass, nothing wrong with it, but it's not ideal, for serious slap, you'd want to look at a jazz bass or something along those lines. As for the strings, for a rock sound, your best bet would be to go for rotosounds, brilliant tone.

But yeah, in short, P-Basses are resilient and versatile instruments, and are pretty darn good for most types of music
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Honestly if you're looking for a versatile bass a jazz bass is probably a better option for you. The P-bass can fit in many places but a jazz bass fits pretty much anywhere. Slapping sounds better to me on a jazz than a P but that's just my opinion.

You won't be getting any really great tones out of that behringer so the next step would be to get a good amp>.>
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