What do you guys think about teaching music on skype versus real life lessons? I'm just beginning to start teaching through video webcams and it's going pretty well.. matter of fact, if any guitar beginners here would like a free lesson, e-mail me at lessons@guitarskype.com

the only thing that bugs me is sometimes I like to physically show how chords are played because some people have a hard time finding which string and fret to go to. ..but I think this is still a great idea, especially when laptops have better built in web cams and microphones in the future :P
Chris Broderick does it with students through some similar program.
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It should work, but not very well well if your trying to teach beginners and more advanced techniques. The more subtle techniques that you would need to teach would be a lot more difficult to convey over a webcam in contrast to a face to face lesson.
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yeah even showing the student how to hold a guitar pick is kind of tough. Mostly, I have people who just want me to show them their favorite guitar riffs and I just teach them what frets to play. Pretty simple for people who just want to rock out and impress girls :P