I'm trying to take my fender frontman and add a 2x12 extension cab but theres no extension cab out so i want to wire it but i dont know how.

there are 2 wires going to each speaker in the 2x12 one white one black. i was wondering if i could just take a little of the plastic off each wire going to each speaker and solder another wire to it and bring that wire to the 2 speakers in another 2x12 cab? if you get what i mean. cause i love this amp and i love the tone but the speakers start getting muddy when turned up.

And would it make me have to get a whole new set of speakers (cause i'm not sure if adding speakers would change the ohms or not)(both speakers now are 8 ohms). I know i'm wording it wrong so if you didnt get what i meant before i'll try again.

i mean like taking the wires in the back of the 2x12 and soldering another wire to each wire and connecting that wire to the other speakers in the same order they were in the original.

hers a pic of the back

<a href="http://media.photobucket.com/image/fender frontman/musikbekas2000/FenderFrontman212RBelakang01.jpg?o=49" target="_blank"><img src="http://i561.photobucket.com/albums/ss52/musikbekas2000/FenderFrontman212RBelakang01.jpg" border="0"></a>

(if that pic didnt show up heres the link http://media.photobucket.com/image/fender frontman/musikbekas2000/FenderFrontman212RBelakang01.jpg?o=49 )

theres also a WAY better pic on the guitar center site here (just click on the pic of the back of the amp)


I would wery much appreciate any help Thanks!
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Nevermind, I just noticed the GC link.
i tried the same thing. only different but its basically the same. learn every thing you can about impedance and the wattage effected by it. also series and parallel wiring is 100% crucial to this project. if you have a plan about what your going to do then it will work fine.

after about an hour of thinking, there are two ways to wire it. 1. series parallel - run the amp at 4 ohms putting out 200 watts into 4 speakers instead of 100 watts into just 2. this will stress the amp but most likely not to the point of real damage. (talk to an electrician or someone to make that call)
2. series - run the amp at 16 ohms only putting out 50 watts into 4 speakers. this will also stress the amp but in the opposite way.

i hope you have basic wiring skills

1. series parallel - your amp is 100 watts into 2 speakers in series at 8 ohms. this means 50 watts into each speaker. each speaker is 4 ohms. if your cab is 8 ohms as well, strip the plastic off both wires and connect the cab wires to that. now you have 200 watts but a stressed amp.

2. series - cut one wire, white or black, and connect the cab wires to that so that the cabs positive wire is to the amps positive wire and the negative to the negative.

id check all of this out with a pro if i were you but it should be right on.