i'm selling my BOSS Pv-10 wah, i'ts pretty new, i haven't used it too much, it's perfect, works just fine, i'm selling it because it wasn't really what i was looking for,i asked for a wah for my birthday and received it, this thing has got several options, and several kinds of wah,it's really versatile has got 3 knobs and about 8 kinds of wah, it sounds nice, but again,i'ts not what i was looking for,for the same reason i don't use it too much so it's pretty new, i live in mexico D.F. so if u are in other country u'll have to pay for the sending,sorry 4 that

-the wah pedal
-the box where it camed in
-the manual
-the warranty and several kind of important papers
-a bonus BOSS adaptor for not using batteries

price: $2200 MXN (think that u may find it even in $2500!!, no joke or publicitary trick, really )

it's a good inversion

estoy vendiendo my BOSS Pv-10 wah, esta bastante nuevo, no lo he usado mucho,esta perfecto,funciona simplemente perefcto,lo estoy vendiendo porque nos es realmente lo que estoy buscando, pedi un wah para mi cumple y me lo dieron,esta cosa tiene bastantes opciones y tipos de wah,es bastante versatil,tiene 3 controles y como 8 tipos de wah,suena chido,pero otravez,no es lo que estaba buscando, por la, misma razon no lo he usado mucho asi que esta bien cuidado, vivo en mexico D.F. asi que si vives en otro pais tu pagarias por le envio, perdon por eso

-el pedal de wah
-la caja donde venia
-el manual
-la garantia y algunos papeles mas o menos importantes
-y un adaptador de BOSS para no tener que usar pilas como bono extra

precio: $2200 MXN (ten en mente que lo encontrarias hasta en $2500!!, no es broma o truco pulbicitaria, en serio )

es una buen inversion
Don't you mean Boss PW-10 V wah?
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hahah yes sorry is the V wah yep the problem with the price is that i'm in mexico so obviously imported thing's here are more expensive than USA, as i said this pedal u find it here in mexico in $2500 MXN wich would be something about $217 US and i guess this pedal is much more cheap than that that's why i'm sure i won't get to many offers that are not from mexico , besides it contains an adaptor wich is not included in the original store package just to know, how much does this pedal cost in u're country? what price do u recommend? it's ok if u tell me in US