Hey everyone, I was just looking to get some insight from people who have had experience with both these trem systems.

I just recently got back an old guitar of mind (low end Ibanez with reverse headstock) and want to upgrade it (new pickups, and hardware)

I usually play fixed bridge guitars (for I typically hate dealing with the locking trem) and have very little experience with these things!

Pro's and Con's would be great for both systems :].

Thanks, John B
The edge pro is amazing I fully recommend it. There's a reason that vai, satch, and gilbert play ibanez and it not just the necks. These suckers are meant to kill all.
I've actually never played an OFR though so it may also be awesome, I just doubt it.
i have that heard legit edge pro's stay in tune for years with light use, but with moderate whammy abuse. OFR's are good too. I mean, to me they're the same thing..

I'm going to go ahead and recommend kahler because they have fixed bridge capabilities. You insert a screw, which comes with the system, and the bridge basically becomes hardtail, if you're kinda into that kind of stuff. Like you basically put a screw horizontally, which locks in the moving part of the bridge.
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^^ that's only for the hybrid models. which are the only kind you can get on wammiworld

another plus though, is they only need top routing!

TS, i would check them out if i were you. just to keep your options open.

but you said you hate locking trems... did you just change your mind?
Thanks for the responses guys!

If I put in a Kahler instead, would that require more work (such as drilling, etc.?)

Sonic Blast - Well, I just found this old guitar I had for a while with a trem, so I figured what the hell, I can upgrade it and make it really bad ass and actually try playing them more (I plan to either go with a "Joker" themed paint job or Boba Fett themed paint job). When I did play that guitar, I hated tuning it up, was just a ton of work and I never really used the trem... But hopefully with my new musical endeavors I'll be using it!
both are good quality and do pretty much the same thing. i wouldn't recommend the kahler mainly because it sounds like your looking for a drop in replacement. if its an ibanez i'd probably go edge pro so it looks more ibanez-y.
Ibanez Pro is also cheaper I think, here at least. Although I don't know if you're in the US/Europe/Wherever. Could give you an idea price wise though. I myself am planning to save for a Lo Edge Pro for a future build, as I read nothing but rave reviews about it, and that it's cheaper than an OFR.

Up to you though, but I'm going to think that they are both pretty serious quality pieces of kit.
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