so there's a TSL100 chilling 45 minutes down the road for 600aud (480us) and I'm sitting here thinking "would it improve my sound at all?".

also, going off tomorrow on eBay is a Gibson WRC (for those uneducated lot it's a superstrat from the 80's) fairly cheap, 300aud but will probably end up going for about 5-600aud.

I play everything from jazz to metal, and am wondering which i should get?

thanks for your time
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I'd go for the guitar. The JCM800 covers the Marshall bases better than the TSL100 will.
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A tsl 100 for $600 AUD?
They usually go for $1000-$1500 AUD.
I'd probably get it.But considering you already have a JCM 800,not a lot of point really,unless your wanting lots of different sounds when you play live.
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