Pretty good, simple and laid back acoustic song. Your singing isn't that good, but I've definately heard worse. Just work a bit more on the singing and you'll be fine. Sorry for the short crit, but I don't really know what to critique anymore, lol. The chord changes were pretty basic, but I'm sure you weren't trying to make anything groundbreaking here, so that's fine.
i really liked the lyrics. sounded like you did the guitar and vocals all at once. i thought the guitar could have been a little smoother and the song could have used a little more variety in the guitar playing (not necessarily leads just something to break it up a little) i'm not much of a country fan but i did like your song (even though there was no mention of gun racks or pickup trucks )
Music: I didn't despise your vocals, I think they were decent, but not your strong point. The guitar is very simple, and I admire that actually. It makes for a good song to play with just an acoustic guitar. The only downside is that there is a very high chance of you stumbling upon another song with that same progression and then it ruins the fun .

Lyrics: I'm also not much of a country fan but I liked the lyrics here and I don't think the riff was very country, just... acoustic stuff. Did you mean 'accept' or 'except'?

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Signatures are overrated.
Signatures are overrated.
Signatures are overrated.
Signatures are overrated.
More folk than country. Not a complex song but I enjoyed it. Vocals were complimentary to the guitar and it all worked well together. Not ground-breaking but a well-executed song.

Surely you meant 'accept'?!
I dont understand what all the negativity/indifference about the vocals is, I think they are totally fine. You are projecting and on key. I think its because you have a slight southern tinge, which is fine. Please keep singing. This reminds me alot of Iron and Wine's style (simple chord progression, very earthy lyrics, laid back vocal style) and he/his band are one of my favorites. If you like folk stuff, check out my song "Comerades in Nothingness" in my profile