I just finished watching Vertigo and have previously seen Psycho and I got to thinking, why not have an Alfred Hitchcock thread? He's considered one of the greatest directors of all time and is synonymous with thriller films, so in turn we should discuss him here at UG. I personally love the surprising plot twists, cinematography, and the scores to his movies. I mean who doesn't immediately recognize the "Psycho" shower scene from the screeching violins?

Well feel free to discuss.

I plan on watching North by Northwest, Rope, Dial M For Murder and Birds in the near future.....any more suggestions?
i like alfred hitchcock. i cant recommend just one, watch them all.

my favorites are psycho and strangers on a train.
I have no opinion on this matter.
I've only seen Psycho, Rear Window, Notorious, and Dial M for Murder. I was kind of disappointed with Dial M for Murder but Notorious was very good, especially when everything comes together at the end. I actually thought Notorious was better than Psycho which seems to be his most popular film.

I downloaded North by Northwest but have yet to watch it, I've seen the airplane scene but that's all. I also want to see Vertigo, I've heard very good things about it.
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Haven't seen Psycho.

So far I've watched Rear Window, Vertigo, and North by Northwest. All very good.
^^^You have to see psycho lol....o BTW has anyone seen the 70's show with all the Hitchcock references?
Psycho is the bomb. My favorite horror movie.
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