I haven't seen any other threads for Iron and Wine (even when I used the search feature).

So I figured I'd make an official/unofficial Iron and Wine thread. Iron and Wine is a great one person band that I just started getting into, check out some of his songs here

And here is my favorite song by him, even though it's a cover but I feel that it's one of those rare cases where the cover is much better than the original.

Thoughts? Comments on Iron and Wine? Post them heres.
I've seen the full 8 strong band a couple of times over here on The Shepherd's Dog tour and they blew the place away both times. He's a brilliant guitarist and lyricist who makes little images in your head.
My favourite track is Resurrection Fern, which my wife and I are doing a cover of for our covers album. I think Sam's genius is that the songs sound good whether performed as a band or solo/duo.
Thanks for the thread.
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Passing afternoon is the only song ever that makes me shed a tear.

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Our Endless Numbered Days is a perfect album..