Nice intro, does a good job of building energy right away.
Verse 1 was good, had some good riffing going on there. You're abusing the minor 3ds though IMO
Chorus is really good. Nice slow break from the rest of it. I especially liked the drums here.
The bridge could use a rhythmic variation to feel more like a seperate part of the song, rather then just the verse with different notes.
I liked the clean part, but the 4 Gs in a row sound a little weird and won't do much to fill out the sound.
Solo was great, especially the harmonized sweeps. Loved it.
As for the ending, personally I would end on the downbeat of 88, but that's just personal preference.

Keep up the good work
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I found the intro a little weird, but the lead was awesome. Verses were awsome. Drums need a little work though. Chorus was generic though. Post-Chorus was nice. Bridge was a little generic but awesome. I found the Clean Break the best part in the song. Beautiful. You should add some feedback to the guitar in real life. Solo was nice but too technical compared to the melody. On the whole great piece, 9/10. The drums have dropped off the mark.
^^ I get what you are saying about the drums, but I went for the simplistic verse drum beat, Like, that was my idea, I thought that'd be kind of noticeable since like, the drums for the chorus aren't the same cut and past routine, it shows I know how to make technical drum beats.

But all in all, I went for the simplistic drums on the verses.

Yes, poop.