No not UG. I remember seeing this place a long time ago where you could join up with other people with instruments and create this type of online band. I was going to favorite it for later, but never did. Soooo

-It had an option of music duels, where you pit two songs against eachother and people vote for the best out of the two
-It had this history page that described what had been added to the song by another member of the "band"

Anyone have any idea what this could've been? Or any sites that are like this.
I've seen that too.

Dunno what's come of it though.

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guitar101.com is pretty cool, guitar battle forums and jam forums on it.. Always freezes for some reason for me though, so I don't know actually how good it is.
I never said I was abandoning. UG is awesome, but can you make bands on UG? This is like a tool that goes along with UG.

In any case I found it, I knew it had a weird name. Apparently Stephen Colbert has mentioned it O_o


If anyone knows of any better places like this, post away.

EDIT: And now I remember why I didnt favorite it. You gotta pay for the good stuff

I'll try guitar101 out, thanks
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