I'm a solo artist currently, and recorded my EP playing all the instruments myself.

I have a band back me up on gigs at bigger venues, and pretty much want the songs played as I've recorded them.... I have a great drummer who is as good as I need her to be and reacts to constructive feedback. She's not afraid to suggest things and doesn't mind being over ruled (in a nice way).

The bassist I have currently is a great guy and plays exactly what I say, but wants to do backing vocals live, but won't practice them with me to get them exactly right, so live he messes them up and sings in the wrong parts.... he likes having fun though and is really happy with the idea of being a backup person. Though he's currently at school and cant play gigs on weeknights or at some venues (under 18), as a result he can't play my next gig in a few weeks. I've drafted in someone else, as a stand in, but would it be rude to look for a new one, who's not in a different band (like this guy is), can do backing vocals and over 18?

And if I start looking, should I tell the guy? I don't want to fire him while I don't have one, that's shooting myself in the foot! I'm pretty sure he'll understand, he's got his final exams coming up so it'll be better for him too....

Oh yeah, I auditioned a keys player who answered a band ad today, he's nice, but really wants to change the songs heaps and wont take no for an answer, doesn't do backing vocals and plays things way too complicated (I want chords and he does all these fills and crazy things in there)...

He's the only one who has answered though and he;'s not a jerk... should I keep him for the upcoming gig in two weeks or let him go? I can do it nicely!!! But the songs need keys in them when playing with the band, that's the problem...

It's alot to digest but I just need to clear my mind!

Here's my myspace page so you have some sort of idea what the songs are like!
First, you're a solo artist. That means that, really, nobody except the band actually cares about the band. He's a hired guy.

Now, you really should have thought twice before hiring him in the first place if he is unable to commit himself to the shows you want to do because of his age. Yet another story of, "we took the first half-way decent guy who came along" rather than looking for the right person for the job and circumstance.

That aside, you need someone who can do the job. You need to communicate that to him, and hopefully he'll stay on and help you out until such time as you find the right person.

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Tell the bass player he's not allowed a mic on stage unless he practices harmonies. That's pretty basic common sense.

Thats what to do
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As for the keys guy, do not hire him. It's your project, not his.
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