When playing I noticed the 4th fret is buzzing a lot on the low E string, and there appears to be a slight dent in it. I'm hoping just changing the strings will fix it. Can anyone recommend which strings I should but for it, preferably Rotosounds?
Get the guitar setup.
And most people use size 10 strings.
I use Skinny Top Heavy Bottom strings.
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use whatever strings u like. for a dot most people use 10's or 11's but whatever feels most comfortable for u.personally i prefer d'addario strings but again,whatever u prefer.theres no set rules. if thers a dent in the fret u mite need to get it dressed but try adjusting the truss rod first to see if that will solve the buzzing

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i use rotosound 10s on my semi hollow and its nice. depends on your scale length and stuff though
Get off this damn forum and play your damn guitar.
Mmmm, sorry must be more specific, I meant there is a slight bend in the string (NOT the fret) at the 4th fret.