Details are in my sig- paypal address for tickets for the Purple Turtle is aidy_sin[AT]hotmail[DOT]co[DOT]uk

Tickets are available in limited quantity (we only have 20!!!) so get in there quick. You'll also recieve a copy of our double A-side single, 'Hold On For Your Life/When There's Nothing Left Of You' upon entering the venue, and some other promotional goodies.

There will also be a UG'er discount on merch.
Its pretty cool, I like it but what happened to the old band?

also what did you use to make the noises on the recording?
We don't actually play the songs on the myspace... haha! We're more like the old band in reality- that's just some stuff that I wrote in Fruityloops before I found Oli and Ross.

I left the old band because I was starting to get involved in stuff that I didn't want to get involved with, and I wanted to be a frontman and write songs an' shiz.

For fans of: Deftones, Muse, My Vitriol, A Perfect Circle, Placebo, Radiohead, Tool
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ah right. I know what you mean about wanting to be more involved in songwriting too, problem is people always just assume I'd be more than willing to play bass in their new band or recordings to their songs.
I've also swapped the Rickenbacker 4001 for a hot-rodded Fender Tele in this band for some pwoper My Vitriol-esque echoey guitar histrionics. It's worth it, however, to come to our gigs if anything just to see Oli- the guy's a ****ing demon on bass

Oh, and have a flyer:

Photoshoot on Thursday... w00p! Expect something really special- dyeing my hair tomorrow...