today i went into my local guitar shop, cause im on the hunt for a new amp, and they dont have the BIGGGESTTT selection, but that's okay, anyway, im looking for all-tube hi-gain sorta thing, explained to the guy (who was quite helpful) and he suggested 2, the peavey JSX series or a Marshall JVM210H, i tried em both on my guitar, i didnt mind both of em, but it was in a quiet guitar shop so i couldnt crank it to get any REALLL decent sound, do you think the JSX could get brutal enough to play stuff like parkway drive, divine heresy, devildriver, i killed the prom queen and stuff like that? or would the marshall be better for that? or something ELSE?
I suppose that either will do. Are you a pedal distortion kind of dude, or do you want an amp to handle that?

The best metal amps I've heard and played are the Peavey 6505, and the Krankenstien. The Marshall JVM series should do fine though.
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i want to try and steer away from any kind of pedal, what i really want is the amp to be able to do it