i think you have to have a converter
and buy it off ebay and pay mad shipping charges
Call me Justyn

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There are no B-52 distributors in Europe, your going to have to find an outside seller that's in the US that will ship to the UK, then there's also customs fee's
You may be able to cheat the customs by saying it's a gift under $40, or whatever it is, but it's risky. If the tax officers open it up and see that it's worth $350, they may charge you even more for being deceptive.
If you can pick one up on ebay (they don't go very often) for around $250, you may only be paying no more than $150 in customs tax and $70 in postage. In the end, the math doesn't quite add add up; it may not be worth it. There are amps that are just as good from Europe within a similar price range.
If you were to try and beat the customs system, what you could try to due is have the seller take the tubes out, and put it as "Out For Repair", leading to a lower customs fee, but there can always be some draw backs such as some smart ass at the customs office knows his Amps, then your just kinda ****ed, but idk.