I was looking into getting a classical guitar as I have been an electric guitarist for almost four years now. I have a budget of £500 for a new classical guitar, and I was wondering if you guys could recommend a good one. Also what's the pro's and con's of having nylon strings or nickel strings. Thanks
I got a wee cheap Classical from my local store for about £45, and its done me for my playing for about half a year now, Its sounds fine for such a cheap guitar, and plays as well as most other classicals. I suggest getting yourself one under £100. Especially if its your first, you'll be surprised how well it sounds dispite the cheap-ness. (My mate got one from LidL for £20 and its just about as good as mine, dispite it has a plastic neck haha)

As for the strings, its alot easier to play nylon i find. You may notice how with acoustics, you need to press harder on the stings to have them ring clearly, unlike an electric. Nylon are alot easier. (harder to hammer-on/pull of though i'd say)
I bought myself a "hybrid" if you can even call it that way. It's a Yamaha APX5NA, the nylon string version of the APX series.

-Fantastic thin neck which allows for smooth and quick playing. Also, it has a cutaway which is nice because reaching for the higher notes can be a real bitch on most classical guitars
-It's an alectro-acoustic guitar and the microphones (it's got 4 of them placed around the bridge) produce a great sound
-It's not the cheapest nylon guitar out there, but you definetly get your money's worth. It cost me like 500 euros if I remember correctly

-Despite the great mic quiality, the acoustic sound itself is nothing special. Nylon guitars never sound great if you like playing the blues and stuff, but still... If you love strumming chords like a scout leader around the campfire or if you like the aggresive sound of a flamenco guitar, this is not the guitar you're looking for. I use it mostly for classical music, jazz, bossa nova, that kind of stuff...
-Some people actually prefer the bigger neck on regular nylon guitars. If you still ain't confident about your strength you might find it more useful to get yourself one of those because they're great for building strength

So to sum things up, this is one of the best options if you're looking for sheer playability. But there are other options (guitars with less features but made out of nicer woods and such).

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