hey guys i have this guitar for 6 years or more. I got it as a present. And 2 years ago i buyed a new Ibanez S series for about 600-800 € (I'm not quiet sure) which isn t even comparable with my RX. the RX has just a great tone in every tuning. But i like her best in Drop C.
Well my question is. What s the value and any other information about this sine lady.
Made in Korea, Hum-Coil-Hum, has a free bridge (vibrato-bridge?)

Thank you very much
good is, who knows why 2 tape the guitarstrap
I saw a RX model (not sure what one) but it was a Black HSH model with a maple fretboard. It was going for $500 AUD. But in Australia no one knows the price of anything
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well thanks mate at least i know a thing
good is, who knows why 2 tape the guitarstrap
The Ibanez RX Series were solid body super strat style electric guitars made between 1994 and 1998. They sold for around $340 (RX160) to $1000 (RX750) when new. In general the higher the model number the more expensive the guitar.

The series had double cut-away bodies, bolt on 22 fret maple necks, humbucker plus two single coil pickups (5-position switch), traditional strat style tremolo, volume and tone controls. Model variations were in the body wood (maple, agathis or paduak/mahogany sandwich), the fingerboard wood (rosewood or maple), body/neck binding, hardware (chrome or black). The RX352 was a 12 string with fixed bridge, and the RX270 had a modern TZ30 tremolo .Some later models used laminated wood (maple-alder) bodies.
thanks leon,thank you very much thanks a lot!
you know this is just one of the greatest guitars i ever played, and i played several signature guitars active&passive.
well then i ve got just one question left, do you know where to figure out the Model Number? Well there s Pattern on the back on it stands " Made in Korea " and under it " 3100705 ". I can't tell anything more about it

well Pacman, I ve seen a GRX which is very similiar to her, but it s the Gio series - which copies all series for a lower price lvl
good is, who knows why 2 tape the guitarstrap
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